The Food Security Doctoral Training Partnership

World-class research from 5 institutions covering the whole food chain

  • g2986 The University of Reading leads a consortium between the Universities of Reading, Lancaster, Southampton and Surrey along with Rothamsted Research.We provide doctoral (PhD) level training to postgraduates across the Food Security subject area with funding from the BBSRC.

  • The BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership in Food Security is the only DTP focussed solely on Food Security, giving our students some of the best resources, experience and skills for flexible careers in the bioscience industry.

  • Our partnership covers the whole food chain; from interactions between natural & man-made ecosystems through to the nutritional effects of food in humans. The partners have extensive track records in agri-food training & research, & deliver research training in the essential niche skills that are required to underpin the UKs capability.

  • Our partnership is uniquely placed to address the Food Security challenge. The partnership provides training for interdisciplinary bioscientists, securing essential niche skills while delivering preparing individuals for flexible careers in a highly topical context.

Research Themes

Crop Science

The crop science theme includes consideration of all aspects of the production of food crops in the UK, with an emphasis on crop genetic improvement, and designing crops and production … Continue reading

Agri Systems & The Environment

The Agricultural Systems & environment theme focuses on the challenge of feeding increasing numbers of people despite increased competition for good quality land and resources such as water, nutrients, labour and energy. … Continue reading

Diet & Health

The diet and health theme focusses on understanding the impact of food and dietary components on health, and food processing to maintain nutritional quality. The theme is led by Surrey, building on … Continue reading

Exploiting New       Ways of Working

This overarching theme of exploiting new ways of working capitalises on the strengths of the partners in complexity science and systems biology. Students learn to apply mathematical modelling techniques across a … Continue reading

Some of our students

Charlene Sibbons

Research areas: Measuring n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis Does it change with age and gender? Is it regulated by epigenetic factors? Biography: I obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences from … Continue reading

Samuel Leigh

I am an experienced ecologist, having worked in a number of different settings. This has involved leading several scientific research projects, carrying out practical biodiversity conservation, delivering environmental education and … Continue reading

Alexander Stainer

Food security is an extremely important issue, which has implications on the global scale. It is important that as well as ensuring demand for food is met in the face … Continue reading

Some of our PhD Projects

Improving modelling of wheat responses to high temperature stress under climate change

To address climate change impacts on global food production and food security there is a need for better understanding of crop responses to changes in climatic variability and extremes and … Continue reading

Mikhael Semenov / Mike Gooding

Harnessing multiple benefits from novel crop rotations: increased yield, pest regulation and biodiversity

Crop diversification at the rotational scale can stabilize production overheads and provide system functional redundancy against introgression of unpredicted pests, diseases or weeds (Lin, 2011), or through unexpected climate variability … Continue reading

Professor Simon Potts / Dr Andy Wilby / Dr Hannah Jones

The relationship between the metabolites of the dietary flavonoid quercetin, and haemostasis and thrombosis: an integrated systems approach.

Platelets are responsible for triggering blood clotting following an injury, and are essential for the prevention of excessive bleeding. The formation of fatty lesions in the wall of arteries (atheroma) … Continue reading

Jonathan Gibbins / Julie Lovegrove / Ruan Elliot