Food Security

Food security is one of the most pressing global challenges facing the research community. The food security challenge is complex: Demand for food is changing because of population growth, changing diets & increasing affluence. Food production is under increasing pressure as natural resources become scarcer, competition for use of land rises, & climate change alters patterns & reliability of production. In these circumstances, meeting the nutrient requirements of the world’s population demands an approach which runs from primary production to human nutrition & which includes the environment in which the food is produced.

The BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership in Food Security

5232The University of Reading is leading the partnership with the University of Surrey, Lancaster University, University of Southampton and Rothamsted Research. We offer a number of studentships providing exciting new training opportunities in the area of Food Security. The BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership in Food Security covers the food chain; from interactions between natural and man-made ecosystems through to the nutritional effects of food in humans.Our training partnership is uniquely placed to address the food security challenge.

The partnership provides training for interdisciplinary bioscientists, securing essential niche skills while preparing individuals for flexible careers in a highly topical context.
Our Mission

To train interdisciplinary bio-scientists of whom the food security challenge demands:

  • Niche skills
  • Broader understanding of the food security challenge
  • Generic and transferable skills

Research Training Challenges

Glass House_DSC9378.jpgFood security research training challenges are two-fold. Firstly, there are many niche areas of expertise that are vital to food security research but are vulnerable through loss of expertise. Secondly, the challenges of food security require a new generation of interdisciplinary scientists that is able to use a ‘without boundaries’ approach to integrative research across the food chain.

The BBSRC Doctoral Training Partnership in Food Security is uniquely placed to address these challenges through extensive track records in agri-food training and research training in the essential niche skills that are required to underpin the UKs capability e.g. plant physiology, plant breeding, agronomy, plant pathology & pest management, soil science, horticulture, agroecology, & food technology.

Read more about Global Food Security issues on www.foodsecurity.ac.uk