Category: 2012 Projects

The microbiology of lean and obese soil

The Highfield experiment (Fig.1) at Rothamsted provides an opportunity to study the impact of plants on microbial communities as it has three long-term contrasting regimes; permanent grassland, arable rotation and … Continue reading

Dissecting the role of the response regulator SAC29 during grain filling in Brassica species

Coordination of seed filling and response to biotic and abiotic stress response is essential for ensuring high yielding, high nutritional quality seeds from food crops (Bennett et al., 2011a,b). Two-component … Continue reading

Diet and health: Meal timing as a synchroniser of the human circadian timing system.

Circadian rhythms drive daily changes in many fundamental aspects of behaviour and physiology, from sleep-wake cycles, to hormone secretion and metabolism. In mammals, the circadian timing system is comprised of … Continue reading

Systems Analysis of the Response to Lipid Loading in the Liver

While it is well established that dietary nutrients can affect all cellular processes from gene transcription to protein synthesis, activity and degradation, very little research has examined the characteristics and … Continue reading

Improving wheat yields by phenotyping root function

With the British climate slated to become more unpredictable, there is a clear need to design crops for greater yield stability under adverse environmental conditions. Optimising plant root systems can … Continue reading