Category: Student Cohort 2012

This is the student cohort for 2012

Nicholas Evens

Having completed a BSc. in Biology, I decided that the application of bioscience to contemporary global issues is what really interests me. My current PhD research is focused on understanding … Continue reading

Frederick Steinmayer

Having completed my undergraduate degree in Agriculture in 2012 at the University of Reading, I decided to continue studying within the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, where I am … Continue reading

Chelsea Snell

Plant growth and development, and consequently crop productivity are limited by a number of stresses such as drought, heat and salinity. Response regulators are components within phospohorelay systems that allow … Continue reading

Aislinn Pearson

As with people, insects suffer from viral infections. Many of these insect viruses occur naturally in the surrounding environment and some insect viruses from the family Baculoviridae (‘baculoviruses’) are known … Continue reading

Flora O’Brien

My project focusses on multi-trophic interactions between soil microbial communities, plants and phytophagous insects in an agricultural context.  The study aims to determine how different fertiliser types (organic or conventional) … Continue reading