Current Students

Aislinn Pearson

As with people, insects suffer from viral infections. Many of these insect viruses occur naturally in the surrounding environment and some insect viruses from the family Baculoviridae (‘baculoviruses’) are known … Continue reading

Alexander Stainer

Food security is an extremely important issue, which has implications on the global scale. It is important that as well as ensuring demand for food is met in the face … Continue reading

Aya Osman

I graduated from Royal Holloway in 2009 with a BSc (honours) in biomedical science. I then went on to study an MSc in Toxicology at Surrey University in 2010-2011. After … Continue reading

Charlene Sibbons

Research areas: Measuring n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid synthesis Does it change with age and gender? Is it regulated by epigenetic factors? Biography: I obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences from … Continue reading

Chelsea Snell

Plant growth and development, and consequently crop productivity are limited by a number of stresses such as drought, heat and salinity. Response regulators are components within phospohorelay systems that allow … Continue reading

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