The University of Southampton is breaking new ground in food security research and contributing to international policy on food security. Southampton are able to offer expertise across a range of disciplines from engineering to international relations to build a world-class research programme around the critical global risks and insecurities which will shape the 21st century world.

The world-leading research at Southampton focuses on addressing key global challenges in the following areas:

  • Molecular and cellular bioscience
  • Biomedical sciences (particularly neuroscience and development)
  • Ecology
  • The environment

The University of Southampton commits the highly successful EPSRC doctoral training centres in complexity science and web science to the partnership and they bring further expertise through the state of the art multi-scale x-ray CT scanning facility, muVIS, coupled with the fastest supercomputer in UK HE, Iridis3, enabling image based multi-scale modelling of plants and soil.