Diet and health is a major research theme of the Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences at the University of Surrey. Research priorities include:

  1. The effects of dietary modifications on health in a variety of metabolic phenotypes. This includes effects of diet on lipid kinetics, body weight regulation, cardiovascular function, metabolic function and diabetes risk, vitamin D status and osteoporosis risk, and cognitive function. In addition there is a focus on colonic physiology in health and disease:  the metabolic actions of dietary fibre as a functional foods, and bacteria interactions that promote intestinal inflammation which precedes and correlates with obesity and insulin resistance.
  2. Interaction between chronobiology and nutrition: including the effects of shift work and diet, circadian rhythms in postprandial metabolism, the effects of diet on sleep, circadian aspects of nutrition and health in the elderly and young, circadian regulation of adipose physiology, and the interactions between the human circadian genotype and metabolism.
  3. Food quality: Evaluation of bioactive components in food. Food processing for health and quality enabling the provision of nutrients required for health in the form of safe and appropriate foods.