PhD Supervisors

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Dr Alex R Kraaijeveld

I am interested in coevolution and how ecological and evolutionary processes interact. I have focused most of my work on the interaction between parasites and their hosts, and the main … Continue reading

Dr Alexis Bailey

Dr Alexis Bailey obtained his PhD at the University of Surrey in 2002 working on drug addiction and pain. He then moved to Manhattan, New York and Rockefeller University to … Continue reading

Dr Alice Mauchline

Research Fellow in the School of Agriculture, Policy & Development Alice’s research focuses on: Sustainable crop production and agri-environment schemes, Chemical ecology of insects and the use of semiochemicals in … Continue reading

Dr Andrew Neal

Andrew Neal is an environmental microbiologist interested in important microbial processes in soils and sediments.  In the past he has studied the role of iron- and sulphate-reducing bacteria in limiting … Continue reading

Dr Andy Whitmore

Andy Whitmore is a soil scientist specialising in modelling carbon and nitrogen cycles and soil physical processes.  His current research focusses on understanding of (i) the means by which soil … Continue reading

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